Studies report 40 - 60% of women develop vaginal dryness during menopausal, while 1 in 4 aged over 40 experience some kind of urinary leakage. ""

V'juvenate, Is A Game Changer For Women!

"reclaim your youthfulness"

Rickie Innes, has over 30 years medical experience, with 6 years focused on women's health, she has performed hundreds of treatments and is renowned as the Australian ThermiVA trainer.

Rickie Innes | V'juvenate Director

Affordable, Non-Surgical, Pain-Free, With No Down Time

Anit-ageing for your hoo-haa

Do you leak when you laugh, too scared to skip at the gym?

Experience embarrassing moments when you cough, or sneeze?

Find it a challenge to hold it in until you get to the bathroom.

Childbirth has left you with less sensitivity?

Do you feel dry and uncomfortable during intercourse?

Do orgasms feel like a memory?

Experience Significant Improvements in Comfort, Appearance, and Confidence.

How It Works

TIGHTENING - Stimulates collagen synthesis, which strengthen and tighten vaginal walls, diminishing laxity

MOISTURISING - Stimulates neuropeptides release, which improves blood flow, increases natural lubrication and sensation to make intercourse a more pleasurable experience

STIMULATING - As new collagen forms, tissue plump, sensitivity increases resulting in stronger vaginal contractions and quicker orgasms.

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V'juvenate Customer

V'juvenate Customer

V'juvenate Customer

THERMIva US - V'juvenate Treatment

THERMIva US - V'juvenate Treatment

THERMIva US - V'juvenate Treatment


What is the before procedure before the Thermiva Treatment?

None. There is no preparation required: no shots, no aesthesia, or numbing cream is applied.  THERMIva® is a gentle procedure that uses radio frequency.

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Is Thermva a Lazer treatment?

Not at all. THERMIva® is a radio frequency device applied to the vulvovaginal area.

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Is the Thermiva treatment painful?

Women report moderate to zero pain undergoing the THERMIva® procedure.

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Is there any down time with Thermiva?

No. After the THERMIva® you can resume work or your other activities without delay.

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How long does the Thermiva treatment last?

THERMIva® is an in-clinic procedure and takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes depending on the areas you and your qualified THERMIva trained cosmetic nurse have determined will work best for your specific requirements and desired results.

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Can I have Thermiva treatment if I have just had a baby via vaginal delivery?

We like to wait at least six weeks after a normal vaginal delivery to have ThermiVa treatments. Results have been excellent after this time, since healing is usually complete.

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Walk In - Walk Out - 30 Minutes

ThermiVA Treatment $650

3 Single Treatments $1,950

Location: Ochre Medical Centre

9 Ochre Way, Sippy Downs, Sunshine Coast, QLD 4556

Booking Required


Wed: 8-am - 5pm

Sat: 9am - 12pm